Vrnjacka SPA

Vrnjacka SPA

Vrnjačka Banja spa is located in central Serbia, 200 km south of Belgrade. It rests on the slopes of Goč mountain and in the valleys of the Vrnjačka and Lipovačka rivers.

This is one of the most celebrated and popular spa resort towns and recreational centers in Serbia. Situated in a lush green park, this delightful town has a bright future as a tourist destination. Vrnjacka Banja’s full service Sunny Hill Spa Resort is well known for its exceptional style and majestic views from its pool, dining terrace and suites.

Moderate continental climate, with moderately warm summers (the average temperature is 20°C) and moderately cold winters (average temperature 0.8°C). Shielded by Goč mountain (in the south, east and west) and the Gledić mountain range (in the north), a great number of days are wind-free annually – around 170.

The following are treated at Vrnjačka Banja:

  • diabetes
  • post-jaundice recovery
  • diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts
  • pancreatic diseases
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • non-infectious conditions of the small and large intestines
  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • recovery after surgical removal of the gallbladder
  • conditions post resection of the esophagus, gallbladder and intestines
  • chronic gynecological conditions and infertility
  • infections of the renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tract
  • urinary tract stones

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