Vojvodina • Banat

Vojvodina • Banat

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Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva is a city of ancient streets and Baroque façade, where the air is clean and nature untouched. It is known as the city of flowers and during the summer there is an event, “Carnival of Flowers” with a tradition of over a hundred years. Belocrkvanska lakes with its crystal clear water and lovely  beach provide perfect opportunities for both  sports and recreational tourism, and for good entertainment.


Zrenjanin, a town on the river Begej and  the largest city of Banat .In this city of art, culture and sports, besides parks and squares, special charm are bridges. Every year in August, there is event  “Days of Beer”  , and every June manifestation ” Banatske vredne ruke ” represents a variety of handicrafts and old Banat meals.


Smederevo is a city which in the Middle Ages was the capital of Serbia. The most famous tourist attraction of this city is fortress, the largest medieval monument in Serbia. The fortress  is the cultural and historical heritage of extreme importance, a popular tourist destination, as well as an exclusive space for musical theater and other cultural events. Another characteristic of Smederevo is viniculture, whose tradition is very long. In September there is the traditional event “Smederevska jesen” which is dedicated to grapes and wine. The Danube bicycle route runs through Smederevo and it is called EuroVelo 6.


Vrsac is a town which is characterized by tradition and modernity as well. Symbols of this city are Kula Breg, Mesić Monastery and grapes. The population of this region is very proud of a long and rich tradition of viticulture. Popular events held in the city are “Vrsacka berba grozdja” (grape harvesting) in September and “Medjunarodni festival folklora” (International Folklore Festival) during the summer. Vrsac is one of the most popular sports centers in Vojvodina and Serbia where are developed paragliding, orienteering, mountaineering, cycling, as well as team sports. Vrsac mountains are known for diverse flora and mild climate, so they are very suitable for many kinds of recreation.


Kovin is Serbian city with extremely favorable location, plenty of water and a presant climate. Kovin is also known for an settlement that was established in ancient prehistoric time. The culture monument of great importance is popular medival fortress. With the beauty of the plains and friendly hosts, Kovin is a great place to relax.





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