New Year in Belgrade , Serbia

New Year in Belgrade , Serbia

1st day

Arrival in Belgrade. Check in the hotel. Overnight.

2nd day

 Breakfast at the hotel . Belgrade city tour .We will visit the House of Flowers (former Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito`s memorial house). We are going to approach to the Belgrade – Mostar crossroads  and from there pass though the wealthiest  Belgrade area – Dedinje. Panoramic tour of The White palace in Dedinje district. The White Palace was commissioned by command of King Alexander I with his private funds as the residence for his sons Crown Prince Peter (the future King Peter II), Prince Tomislav and Prince Andrej. After Royal Palace we are going to pass near biggest stadiums in Eastern Europe. Continuing the tour, we find a beautiful park known as Karadjordje’s park and St. Sava’s Temple, it is the biggest orthodox temple in the Balkans. Transfer to the restaurant and lunch  at 13.00 h. After lunch Kalemegdan tour at 14.30 h. The first stop of the tour is Roman Hall that preserves the tower of the main gate of the Roman fortress from 2nd century. Army bunker from the period of Inform biro reveals the spy secrets and President Tito’s political games between great forces after the World War II. Route continues in big gunpowder warehouse where walls can tell the stories about defense of Christian Europe from Turkish Empire. This warehouse is now Roman lapidarium which keeps sarcophagus, tombs and altars from territory of Serbia Return to hotel. Overnight.

3rd day

 Breakfast at the hotel.Meeting with the guide and bus at the hotels and departure for the excursion.Vojvodina tour – Krusedol . Sremski Karlovci is a small town situated on the slopes of Fruška gora, 57 kilometers from Belgrade. The baroque core contains many historical buildings, which strike with both their beauty and significance. Despite small number of inhabitants in this town, significance for Serbian history, culture and spirituality is huge. Rich in tradition, this is main destination for wine admirer. We will visit Treasury Patriarch’s Palace ,high school, chapel of Peace. Lunch at Zivanovic Winary . Transfer further to Novi Sad.Novi Sad city tour .Transfer further to the hotels in Belgrade . Overnight .

4th day

Breakfast at the hotel.Meeting with the guide and bus at the hotels and departure for the excursion.Arrival in the city of Topola .  Visit to the Karadjordjevic Complex at hill of Oplenac which includes: St George Church, Peter`s House (family Karadjordjevic mausoleum), Karadjordje City with historical exhibition, Gallery in the Winegrower House. The hill of Oplenac is situated in the heart of the Serbia`a picturesque Sumadija region and it represents foundation of the modern Serbian State. On its peak, stands a unique monument of the Serbian cultural and historical heritage – the Church of Saint George. A white marbled five-domed mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic dynasty, decorated with impressive mosaics in 15,000 nuances, depicting biblical scenes copied from medieval frescoes from more than 70 Serbian Orthodox Monasteries. Oplenac is also home to the ‘Triumph’ white wine, once produced exclusively for King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, according to the original recipe of German winemakers. Lunch in the restaurant Aleksandar . After lunch transfer further to Orasac .Transfer further to the hotels in Belgrade . Overnight

5th  day

Breakfast in the hotel. Free time. Transfer to the airport.

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