Guča Festival

Guča Festival

11. – 13. August, 2016

Guča trumpet festival, also known as the Dragačevski sabor trubača (Serbian), is an annual brass band festival in the town of Guča, near Čačak city in Dragačevo, region of western Serbia. Guča is a three-hour car journey from Belgrade.

Half million visitors from Serbia and the world come to the town of 2,000 citizens each August.

Elimination heats earlier in the year mean only a few dozen bands get to compete.

That events features previous winners, each bands getting to play three tunes while folk dancers, all kitted out in bright knitting patterns, dance koloand oro in front of a hyped-up audience.

The traditional Dragačevo trumpet – its cult kept alive for nearly two centuries regardless of political and social considerations – has with time become world-renowned. It is owing to the trumpet that the name of Serbia has resounded worldwide, in all the continents. It is owing to the trumpet that the name of Serbia has resounded worldwide, in all the continents.

With considerable experience in organizing Assemblies, today the traditionally hospitable Guča has earned its place on the map of world music festivals, inviting high interest from etno music lovers, and deservedly so. As an internationally recognized trumpet capital, and a singular corner of positive energy, a place with accumulated joy, gaiety and spontaneity, coupled with the piercing yet gentle sound of the trumpet, Guča is a place of catharsis of the heart and soul while the festival lasts. All this is more than enough to attract visitors to Guča from Australia, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries. The names of Boban Markovic,Dejan Petrovic, brought a glory of the Serbian trumpet across the world. Nowadays, Guča festival is well known all over the world, as a place where you can find good music, fun, very good food and where you can spend perfect vacation.

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