Western Serbia

Western Serbia

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Zlatibor Mt

Zlaibor Mt, with the longest tourist tradition among Serbian mountains, is rich not only in natural but in anthropological features as well. Stopicapecina Cave, one of the most significant caves in Serbia, the Museum under the open sky “Staroselo” (“Old village”) in Sirogojno, which represents traditional architecture of the area, The Uvac Monastery, Tornik ski center, which, apart from ski runs, offers many possibilities for various activities; these are just some of the amazing sights and attractions Zlatibor has to offer.

Mokra Gora

Mokragora, beside its beauty, is well known for its “Sargan 8″, a narrow gauge railway, built in the shape of number 8, as well as for its ethno village Drvengrad (Kustendorf), as an ideal connection of tradition and urban life.


National Park Tara represents a connection of exceptional nature and unique environment. Mitrovac plateau, natural reservation “Crvenipotok” (“Red stream”) and Tepihlivada, Banjskastena viewpoint, the Drina River Canyon, Zaovinskojezero Lake, possibility of swimming in Perucac Lake are just some of the mountain advantages gifted by nature. Many people call it “Heaven on the Earth”.


Visegrad, with a famous bridge described in a novel written by Ivo Andric, a Serbian Noble Prize winner; cultural, administrative and educational complex Andric town, as well asDobrun Monastery are just another sights and attractions that are addition to a tourist offer of the area.

Apart from this , to experience this area wouldn’t be possible without trying its gastronomic specialties.

-         Organized cycling tours lasting 3-5 days

-         Route length from 120 to 210km

-         Englishspeaking guide

-         Possibility to rent a bike

-         Accommodation from  two-star to five-star hotels. Possibility to use spa





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